Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Out There

I've been bad at updating this blog lately. :: slaps self on wrist ::

I am still trying to update the Ink Obsession website (and wondering if it will ever get done) so that is taking up the majority of my time right now.

I wanted to pop in with three things, though...
  • I just put up a new post on the Ink Obsession blog with how you can customize the fonts on your blogger blog (did you know that a bunch of new web fonts were recently added?). You can read that here: How to use web fonts on your blog
  • Since I have been in Ink Obsession land I'm going to be doing all my tweeting & facebooking under that account. At least for now. I like having things separate but right now I'd rather focus my time on updating ONE account so I have more time to design/spend with customers. Ink Obsession is slowly morphing from Ink Obsession Designs to Ink Obsession Designs by Erin Bradley so I can have everything in one place and make it easy. Although I'll still keep separate etsy accounts. So for now you can find me here on facebook and here on twitter.
  • The third and final thing (and yes, it is ALSO Ink Obsession related) is I am running a sale on bridal shower invites on through Friday. They are 20% off. You can view those here.
So now that you know what I am up to, what is new with you?

Have a happy Tuesday!
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