Monday, May 2, 2011

New Releases :: Clip Art Collections

I have to admit...I wasn't sure if I was going to have any new clip art designs to add to the website this week. Not because I haven't been busy designing, but because I waited until the weekend to actually add the graphics and the weather finally turned nice & I wanted to get outside. Can I just say this has been the longest winter ever in Chicagoland?

But between doing some much needed yard work and spring cleaning, I did manage to get the designs on. Some are different color variations of existing graphics, like the pink forest critters above (and really, who doesn't love preppy owls, caterpillars, birds and butterflies?) and I now have a red and blue version of my To the Moon Collection, complete with an airplane, helicopter and rocket ship:

as I was doing some gardening I was inspired to create these colorful little daisies:

and as you can tell I am already thinking about summer and spending a little time at North Avenue beach (although I am pretty sure I have never seen surfboards or starfish there!):

Rounding up the collection are some birthday party graphics that I was able to list on etsy late last week, complete with a cake, ice cream, candles, birthday bear, present and balloons:

I also have some new photoshop templates I'm working on. If you follow me on Facebook I asked over the weekend if anyone would be interested in non-photo templates for invitations such as showers and things like that. I have some ideas in mind and I think I might as well try them out. So those may be coming soon. :)

Happy Monday!

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