Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cleaning House & Other Randomness

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Hi everybody! It has been a crazy couple of weeks (crazy good of course!) so I apologize for not blogging as much. How have you all been doing? I have a bunch of new designs to add to the website (on both EBD and Ink Obsession) which I hope to get on soon. :)

I just bought a new external hard drive so one of the things I've been busy with is cleaning up all my files. I'm trying to just keep the bare minimum (basically the things I use daily) on my Mac, and I've been trying to move everything else off it. In doing this it has made me look a lot at my current designs. Not really so much for the clipart & digital paper packs, but the etsy shop sets, logos, invites, etc. I routinely "retire" designs, to make room for new sets and also to get rid of the things that don't sell quite as well, but I have a rather large list or "retirees" this time around. On one hand it is kind of sad, but it is kind of exciting too, because I love making room for new things. :)

So other than the usual of processing orders & designing away that is what I've been up to.

I do have a question though...if you have a shop, how often do you update your designs and do you ever "retire" them? And if you have more than one shop, how do you organize it? I like how I have my websites set up, but I'm not crazy about how I have my etsy shops. I want them to mirror the websites more and right now are just kind of a jumbled up mixture. I'm trying to figure out if I should just leave things alone or if there is a better way to organize everything on etsy. I'd love to hear how others do it!

Happy Tuesday! :)
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