Monday, August 29, 2011

Halloween Collection Giveaway Winner

Can I first just say how fun this was to do? I honestly wasn't sure if anyone would even enter, so I was downright giddy with the response! It makes me think I need to do this more often...I'm thinking next time a gift certificate may be up for grabs! :)

But now on to the fun part...the winner is...

Echo Dannelle!

Congrats! I'll be emailing you next with a link to download the set (and if you don't see it right away please check your spam folder or contact me...I land in spam a lot!). 

For those who didn't win, I've put the Halloween collection on sale for 25% off today at the link below:

And for those who asked if I will have photoshop templates available, the answer is...I think so. :) As of right now I do plan on making some and definitely have ideas swimming around in my head, but it just depends on time. I have a bunch of new designs that I just added to the website (which I'll post soon) and a bunch more that need to get added. Once I get those up I'll see where I'm at.

Also, for reference, here is a list of the first 25 entries from

Have a happy Monday everybody! :)
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